Cybersecurity and computer crimes

VS DETECTIVES participated last Saturday, February 14, 2015, at the seminar  ' cybersecurity and computer crimes  ´ organized by the European School of safety science and the National Association of valuers  and surveyors judicial computer in collaboration with the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos as part of its program of the course ' terrorism, intelligence and countermeasures ´. Spain is the third country in the world with the highest rate of cyber attacks after the United States and United Kingdom. It is vital for Governments and corporations to ensure their interests, so it is a great responsibility to provide countermeasures appropriate cyber-attacks .


Radio interview to VS Detectives

The  Director of  VS DETECTIVES  give has recently awarded a radio interview. It teaches us the main activities of the company, anecdotes of the profession and information of great interest. VS Detectives is consolidated as one of the companies with greater experience in the sector, with 14 years of service, offering customers greater coverage by having lawyers, criminologists and legal experts calligraphic. View the full interview in the video to the left of these lines.



Internet has become the means of generating business that grows more

According to  a recent report by the consulting firm Ad-ology  Research for Strategic Advertising and Marketing, Internet is already the most effective in the generation of business, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, since it allows investment accepted that offer relatively large returns. It is for this reason that the network is increasingly more important role in the strategy of many small and medium-sized enterprises in all sectors. There are multiple supports for marketing on the Internet, including blogs and social networking, considered to be very effective by 77% of small and medium-sized enterprises. Other ways to get the most out of the commercial Internet is the release of daily deals at sites offers aggregators, the emailing, advertising online or on boards of companies registration as

Business coaching for your business

The  business coaching is a method for improving performance of a company through the motivation and satisfaction of its employees.  A team motivated and aware of their skills is the best way of improving the productivity of a company. This is precisely the aim of business coaching, a technique that is up to four times more effective than other alternatives (such as traditional training for workers) and offers excellent results without increasing the staff of the organization. To this end, business coaching uses resources and intended actions to develop skills and leadership of workers, facilitating internal communication, improve the administration of the time, among other aspects that influence the performance of the company.



How you know that you hire a real detective?

The private detective must always show documents that accredit him as such for the development of the profession. The work of a detective goes much further than show us the movies or fiction series. Actually, it's a profession in which is not always easy to distinguish a true researcher private someone us trying to swindle. A scam that can go beyond that not of perform a job despite receiving the corresponding payment from the customer. But that may also occur, although it accepts the case and carry out an investigation, finally present some incorrect reports that are rejected by the courts and that, even, can cause the customer to have to deal with an inspection and a sanction that administrative.

All  who wish to hire a private investigator services must take into account a series of indications :

What, as indicated in articles 19 of the law 23/1992 of private security and 101 of its rules of procedure, there are certain features in the collection and provision of information and evidence that can only be done by fully accredited private detectives. These functions are those that fall within the scope of employment, financial, commercial, economic or personal; surveillance not uniform in environments of great concurrency or the investigation of crimes in the framework private.

The private detectives have a professional accreditation issued, only and exclusively, the Ministry of the Interior, and that is completely personal and  non-transferable, so only the holder can make use of it to develop services corresponding.

There are another type of accreditation that, although it's different legal certain associations cards - how, for example, the of legal research expert or which delivers the Professional Association of commercial researchers - not enabled the holder to carry out the work professionals from a private detective correctly credited.

Attending , once again, to the rules contained in the law 23/1992 of private security and 101 of the rules of  anyone who hire the services of someone not trusted to do the job of a detective, shall be punished with a serious violation and fined by an amount of up to 3,000 € .

For elsewhere, article 265.1.5 of the Civil procedure law determines that reports that may emit no duly qualified as private investigators cannot be considered valid documents as evidence in any legal proceedings.

How to investigate an employee and test its low productivity?

  • Always is easy to assess the performance of an employee, but yes you can perform research objective according to the since .
  • The  known  as "toxic employees" are those who, with different behaviors and attitudes, seek different formulas to get work as little as possible, even where that involves an increase in the workload of other peers.
  • It is a type of employee you want anyone in your company, but often difficult to investigate  and  measure the level of productivity to prove it and to take appropriate measures to respect.
  • In some cases,  the companies decide to even hire the services of a detective to, using legal formulas that can be used in a trial - worker could accuse the company of unfair dismissal-, detect and show this kind of  behavior  harmful.   
    In fact a recent ruling , issued by the Board of the social of the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community, has given the reason to a company that fired an employee for work deliberately slowly and cause significant damage both to fellow and the own company.
  • This made represents an important precedent to be enterprises which can investigate or collaborate with professionals to eradicate the presence of these employees in their templates.
  • Therefore it is recommended that investigations carried out in this area are based always on data more objective possible and actually measure the results of the work entrusted to the employee, even when his post responds to the constant multitasking.


May be modified are the measures of a judgment od divorce?

When a couple decides to break her marriage in a strict manner, it is essential to undertake a legal process in which all clearance formalities are carried out. It is legislation that dictates a definitive resolution on guidelines to remember in an attempt to meet the demands of the parties, in a democratic way.

However, since it is an economic decision, the alteration of the circumstances or situations involving each of the members of the former couple can serve as tool to modify the final measures of the judgment of divorce. Claim all those tests that confirm the need for a change of provision is essential so that this can take place.



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