Woman Detective

If you are a woman and need a private woman detective, call us. A woman detective attend you directly (without intermediate administrative personnel).

Urgent phone number for woman detective:
+34 691 206 201

Certain jobs are best understood by a woman. There are jobs where a woman has many and better chances of success.

With Vs Detectives will speak directly with a female detective, without intermediaries or administrative staff. The director of our detective division is also a lawyer.
This will provide complete coverage in all legal proceedings.

A private detective and lawyer also provides greater security of need to act judicially.
Know that actions can be done and how to be accepted in court as evidence.
It will be presented in court to defend his detective report, which will allow greater protection and chances of winning his case in court.

14 years of experience

Private detective and lawyer. If required calligraphic expertise and acting as an expert witness in court, we can also offer it.

VS Detectives is one of the best multidisciplinary training firms of Spain, along with a consolidated experience in Spain and internationally.




It has been written and said about the figure of Private Detective, but not always fairly, without having a proper knowledge of the profession from within; I wish I could offer you a real insight into what you can offer as difficult as this profession to society; mine is a different point of view: that of a private detective woman.

At present, females account for 30% in the sector of private investigators. Taking to discount those women who fall by the wayside, leaving innumerable obstacles and problems of various kinds. Yes is the be
"Private detective" is already difficult for a man, and will be able to imagine as it can be for a woman, especially if you have to combine it with a personal and family life: if you couple it is difficult if you have children, even more ... the thing It becomes complicated; a detective no schedules, no holidays, no weekends, always will depend on the matter to be investigated: where and when it is not important.

Result: many hours of work not recognized, not always well paid when you consider all the effort expended; when you start a business, you know where and when you start, but the rest is in the air, because as the day unfolds can end up in a different city and have spliced ​​the morning of the previous day and night follows; other times are only waiting in a car, but spend hours and nothing happens and the hours are eternal ... but in a particular moment everything makes sense, that you hoped you record what happens ... ... you get results ... you have your trials ... 1000 adrenaline rush and get a good job .... At this very moment you forget all the past, all the hours of waiting, the last heat or cold, hours of standing in the street .... Forget all that you got what you wanted and satisfaction fills your whole body and you just feel the "best" ...
In the end, I like detective woman can say that I dedicate to a profession that I love, a profession that continues to teach me things every day ...
The woman detective with partners and even mother longed to find a balance between your personal life and your professional life, because if your balance falls in some sense just leaving the other; in a job like this where every day we see that everyone is hiding something, where lies and double lives are already part of your professional routine ... at this point, you have to find your balance, and it is possible, I found it.

Private Detective - lawyer - criminologist - and handwriting expert graphologist.


Urgent phone number to talk with a woman private detective: +34 691 206 201

We conduct research and ratify court. Besides private detectives we are lawyers, handwriting experts and criminologists
Urgent phone number for woman detective:
+34 691 206 201


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